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Live Right….

6a00d8341fcbf753ef017c36801867970bIf I could put my eyes on you, my hands on thine, perhaps I would go mute and enjoy the moment or ask so many questions that ave been asking myself…….. How did you just endeavour dying for me? l’d look at you and say to fulfil Gods will, right and I wouldn’t let you answer before another questions jumps out of my head…….how did it feel?

How did you come up with perfect signature of two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth? l’d easily ask fifty questions without a break, then stare deep in your eyes and ask the main one ‘will I go to heaven?’ Pleaseeee You-only-live-once-but-if-you-do-it-right-once-is-enoughsay yes…then l’d just remember who you are, and feel so ashamed of myself. Per harps look down and you’d take my chin up and say “live right my dear” I don’t know how it would be but it an experience I’d die to have l’d like to talk it over and thank you for your wonderful love. If you only let me see you in that glorious day.


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black-woman-crying-002She couldn’t help but cry, her life looked like it was finally coming to an end. She was pregnant!! Oh don’t give her that look! Don’t you think that would be you if not for God’s Grace? But today I won’t talkN9-001 about her, we all know she was a very innocent girl from Machanga village who anyone could take advantage of provided he had that ‘town’ convincing power, instead I’ll talk about Peter the playboy.

I thought names were supposed to influence the character of someone well, in this case it did not apply, he was nothing like the disciple of Jesus, (Oh! unless we say he was a fisher of women) Peter was Dandora’s town’s prince charming, with eyes to die for and a voice that could not only attract snakes but also ladies, believe me when you hear his voice you’l have to turn (Mwakazi sought of voice), so what happens when you turn and find that well created face? (The gazes are stories of another day)

He was a tout in some old car called Token, but despite the old car that moved like a wheelbarrow on a rocky ground, girls still flooded in that car, some would actually not dare board another ‘chopper’ least they don’t get to put their eyes on him and get the winsome smile he gave his customers. He posed a real competition to the other ma-001Matatu touts as they could only carry old men and  some church going women as some also enjoyed watching and winking at Peter (world coming to an end heee!) Everyone knew that Peter was a playboy, he was the kind that know how hot they are and he played his card right.He would get the “keep change” story a lot especially from those carrier ladies who even took the trouble of giving him their business cards and telling him to call them…. I wonder if he did blog-10-black-pregnant-teencall all of them..hmm!!

I’ve heard so many girls claim to be pregnant for him and he would abandon them and even go to an extend of claiming he’s never even seen them, its so sad that Irene my dear friend fell in his colourful trap, but you know what really surprised me? Peter claims that he wants to marry Irene, he claims that Irene is the best thing that has ever happened to him. What??** Yah! You heard me right. So Irene being my dear friend just asked me to accompany her to take Peter to her parents this Saturday! Can I be part of giving my friend to a playboy? A man with so many children that if there all collected they could form a football team! Or has he really changed? What about the pregnancy? That’s what we call Dilemma!!


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Musicaynnah, My little Angel

stock-photo-beautiful-happy-mother-hugging-baby-girl-with-love-outdoors-summer-background-closeup-tender-153178340-001She climbs in my laps for a goodnight hug, “mama , I just want to be like you when I grow up “My little angel whispers as she hugs me with her tiny hands. well ,I can’t help my tears from cascading down my cheeks and she wipes them with her lil’ fingers as she tightens her hug. “I love you more my angel ” I say as I kiss her chubby cheeks. Her name is Musicaynnah, a complex name hee!!! She loved music ever since she was in my belly and no doubt her name had to incorporate the word music.

I would talk of my daughter all day long because she’s my sunshine, my rainbow, my world lets just say she’z my everything. I tuck her inbaby-photography-41 bed, read her her favourite story “Cinderella” and watch her sleeping. She’s  so beautiful, a true angel, well I hear people say that beauty runs in the family and I smile because she has my innocent big eyes and her dad’s cute honey colour…lala cutie lala…I sing her a lullaby as massage her hair lines, who wouldn’t be madly in love with such an angel?

I see God in everything this kid does, the way she smiles, her loving eyes,her hugs, I see God in her love that never dies. I whisper a prayer to God for her, kiss her goodnight, switch off the lights and tripping on the toys I get out..
Beautiful-baby-girlHeaded to my bedroom I hear her echo “mama, I want to be just like you when I grow up” and as I stare deep at the stars through my window I pray “Lord, I wanna be just like you, because she wants to be like me, Oh! God may I be a holy example for her innocent eyes to see.

May she see a mother in in Jesus because she’s seen Jesus in me. Oh Lord I admit I make so many mistakes and no matter how much I try the pressures of life just cant let me get it all right, but Lord help me learn from you as you are the best on how to be a good mama,Help me to be a living bible for my little girl to see…”well if I could pray till morning just for this angel…I wanna be the best mama ever!


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Mr. Moon

Moonlight_by_acidxmooseI stare deep into you and wonder what you think, how your life is when all you do is bring me light in my darkest moments, how are you able to cop to stare at me when am dead asleep, don’t you ever have any sleep?

Oh! I get it, perhaps your dead asleep during the day because am unable to see you, and I miss you so much. Ooh! dear , must I wait till night for me to see your radiance, to feel your gentle glow? I admire your silence, or do you ever chat with your neighbour the stars?? Oh! Mr. Moon why don’t you warn and scare those who go out during the night to do awful things?wild-silhouette-in-a-blue-moonlight

I’d really advice that you don’t offer them your light but your so impartial, so generous….Till tomorrow night keep glowing Mr.Moon

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?????????????????????????????????????It didn’t take long before the advert came again. A chocolate girl with a winsome smile, irrelevant and mischievous spirit, small featured and with pretty round eyes walks in an accessory store with his boyfriend; I presume from the way he stared at her as though she was a green oasis in a barren desert, he was dark and lovely as the silent night with a broad angular face and high cheekbones. Majestically they walked to a specific section where the camera’s were stocked.We are shown the little pretty girl pointing at a camera labelled Ksh. 12,000/-, they both take it and run an eye on it and from the look on their faces their very

They cuddle and hug as they call out for a shop attendant.Then the boy takes off his wallet from his ‘colombo’ black trouser but to his surprise he doesn’t have Ksh. 12,000/- , he thus points at another camera labelled  Ksh. 8,000 /-. The petite lass exudes anger and walks out of the store briskly moving her hips to and fro in a rhythmic succession.”Oh!! I just disappointed my way to a happy night” his wrinkled face seemed to say. Then he sees something written on the wall “Lipa na m-pesa”(pay with m-pesa) and a glow radiates from his honey-coloured skin. He removes his expensive-looking phone pays the bill with M-pesa, collects the Ksh. 12,000/-  gadget and runs out after the girl.”Honey!!! I just bought the camera” {Not that I would care if he called her spinach but but honey reminds me of that swahili saying ‘fuata nyuki ule asali ‘(Follow the bee and get honey) and am left wondering who the bee is in this case}. The girl turns back and runs to his masculine boyfriend and they proceed to fondle each other hungrily and later takes pictures together with their new camera.Couple at autumn outdoors

finTech_LipaNaMPESA4Well, I have no problem with ‘Lipa na M-pesa’ thing, it’s quite a good and brilliant idea as I am a victim of a circumstance I had to use it some time back. My problem lies with our generation’s obsession with materialism, it’s like it’s finally acceptable that girl’s nature include being materialistic. The girl (lets call her Anita) walks out on the guy (lets call him Daniel) because he was not able to raise Ksh. 12,000/-  and opted for a more cheaper good, shortly after the guy is able to purchase the girl rans to him as though they’ve met for the first day in years.

I might be naive but this is just to much, women have been crowned the queens of materialism and instead getting rid of the crowns we smile exposing our missing teeth that our dental formulae can be confused with vacant plots in the slum!! We have given value to objects that don’t have any true importance and we have ignored just what matters most in life.  It is clear that materialism has forced people to exchange morality and ethics with money and comfort making our world brutal and making us savages chasing money.


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…having a one sleeved sweater I made my way home and of course Mum was the one I met home ,she had preparedA little girl hugging her mother me pancakes like she always did.”Hi mum” I said as I ran to hug her, “hello dia” she answered back, then she stared at me like something right from the vogue magazine that had been deposited on her doorstep, saying nothing, she walked swiftly to the long rows of windows, opened one of them an mumbled something.

Then she turned and stared at me as though I was a worm wriggling in her well made pancakes, she looked deep in my big eyes with her eyes trying to sought answers from mine but my milky white eyes were troubled and I looked away.”What happened to your sweater?” a torrent of concern coarsed through her.

Little O tOoh poor me!! I was trembling as tears brilliantly formed in my eyes. Her voice was gentle despite of everything but that did not change anything. My heart was over-speeding thanks to no ‘Muchuki speed-governor’s’, I tried to answer but my voice had sunk in the deepest part of my full stomach as I had just eaten ‘chipo moshi’ (fries cooked on the streets) on my way home.

I hesitated for a long moment before I could convince my vocal chords that I really needed them and when they finally heeded all I could say was “what sweater?”hehehe!!

Just wondering what I would have done if I was in Mum’s shoe, too good we ain’t of the same leg size!
my question hit her real hard that she came closer and asked “yani huoni sweater yako ina mkono moja?”(So u don’t see that your sweater has one sleeve?) I looked at my sweater as though what she told me was the most impossible thing in the entire world. If you could only hear mum explain how convincing I was to my relatives during get-togethers, you’d understand why its the story that will never get out of fashion like analogue TV sets.

“Mum mi sijui imeenda wapi, ata sjatoa sweta!”(Mum I don’t know where the sleeve has gone, I have not even removed my sweater) I answered so innocently with wrinkles dancing on my young forehead as though there asking “How could that happen?”

I expected anything from bad which would meant thorough beating to worse which I dare not mention lest you adapt it as a way of punishing your lil’ ‘innocent’ angels like me. But none of that was forthcoming instead I got the shock of my life seeing mum laughing her well-formed ribcage out, was this a sarcastic laugh? No it wasn’t.4-daughter-talking-to-mother-lgn

Dad soon came and I had to repeat the entire “I don’t know what happened story” and he started the laughing program again with lots-a support from his sweet cuppiecake (mum). Am sure none of them believed it since I was told that lying was wrong but I never got to tell them what really happened till later.

This other time I sacrificed one of my sock to make a ball to play ‘kati’ (a game) and getting home I gave the same old story “mimi ata sjatoa viatu”(ave not even removed my shoes). This time I was really beaten up and asked to perform the miracle of removing the other sock without removing the shoe… that’s a story for another day anyway hehe!

Am so glad my parents punished me for some mistakes I made and laughed at others though still correcting me,and all this was done with love. And now my question is, “what would you have done if you were my parents?”
punish me so badly yet in the back of my mind I did all the mistakes with a good intention in mind?? Or would you let me go and watch lying become my hobby?
Well that’s where grace comes in, I personally believe that God gives parents grace to know the way to bring up their kids.
mother.daughter-talking-beach-e1341685002935Proverbs 13:24 talks about sparing the rod and spoiling the child ,but just how much should the rod be used? When, how and why?? All these can only be answered with a parent with Grace.We should therefore thank God for the grace he bestowed on our parents to be able to bring us up as good kids and to ask for such grace to be showered on us when we become parents. Donge?


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Looking back I think I was quite an ordinary but very different kid. I personally think if someone says I was stupid and silly I’d look aside and smile because there is some truth to that, though my dear dad would hear none of that because he thinks I was quite special not stupid, and nothing has changed am still special to him just in a different way; the same old song in a digital tune, the change may be as a result of growing up and finally obtaining the common sense which was not common to me way back in my childhood or perhaps it may be the increase of the size of my brain from the little chicken brain I had then to this genius brain I have now (I wish!!)

HairI was a little enchanting and bubbly angel but quite enigmatic like I will show you as you read on my hair was so healthy,dark and quite long for my age but all that was hidden by my skinny body,most of the times I’d get comments like “you have very lovely hair it sure is consuming all you eat because it’s quite healthier than your body” but my favourite memories of my skinny figure were from my dear dad, not once, not twice he would make a comment about my skinny-self and I vividly remember this day as we stood waiting for cars to pass so that we cross the road dad said “mum weka mawe kwa mfuko, hii lorry inapita isipite nawewe” (Dear,put some stones in your pocket so that this passing lorry does not blow you off your feet) that was how skinny I was!! But just so you know am no longer that skinny,and so I’ll let that be the story of another day.

And so I now embark at the main story not because its more important but because I think its more interesting and in a way dimly reflects the ‘me’ I am today.
I remember so clearly it was on a Tuesday, the sun was dancing on the sky, showing just how radiant it could be,with no competition I wondered why it had to glow that radiantly, but I now get its message “I can do extremely well if I let me be my competitor”. I was barely seven in age, it was the school’s closing day and as routine
dictated we would carry our snacks, wash the class (the only day we would get such a privileges) then we would sit on the floor mix our snacks and enjoy eating away all the sad memories of the term using stories, mchongowano’s (jokes as we used to call them back then) and of course imitation time which was my best because I was such a pro in imitating our class teacher Mrs. Wafula who had such a ‘swargarific’ accent.

Class CleaningBeing the youngest in the class I was the one fascinated most with washing the class and so I had successfully succeeded in my duster search, though it was so small but it would wash quite well since my hands were small too
but my dear best friend Nyaguthîì had none,mine being so small it was impossible to cut it, and so just what did Sharon do?? Hehe.. I took my sweater and skilfully using my razor(carried to sharpen my pencil) I cut the sleeve that it became one handed, I handed the sleeve to Nyaguthîí to use it as a duster to mop the class, we enjoyed washing the class together and it was made memorable by the sliding of our prefect mercy who fell thunderously while trying to skate on the soapy floor.
sweaterNyaguthîí did not know where I got the duster from not until home time when i wore my one-sleeved sweater
she was so surprised when I explained what I had done to my sweater with a smile jogging around my face,and instead of giving me aloud applause she looked at me with those big disappointed eyes that the smile on my face turned into a real frawn. That was when I realised just how my generosity was quite foolishly oriented.and thoughts of what I would tell my parents criss-crossing my vacant mind while ideas bombarding that of Nyaguthîí, and finally the most suitable answer was “I did not even remove my sweater, I don’t know where the sleeve went to” that way no one of us could take the blame.could mum believe this?could dad take such a lie considering how he hated lies??find out more on my next post ………………………………………………………..”The Grace bestowed on parents”


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