20 Jan

?????????????????????????????????????It didn’t take long before the advert came again. A chocolate girl with a winsome smile, irrelevant and mischievous spirit, small featured and with pretty round eyes walks in an accessory store with his boyfriend; I presume from the way he stared at her as though she was a green oasis in a barren desert, he was dark and lovely as the silent night with a broad angular face and high cheekbones. Majestically they walked to a specific section where the camera’s were stocked.We are shown the little pretty girl pointing at a camera labelled Ksh. 12,000/-, they both take it and run an eye on it and from the look on their faces their very

They cuddle and hug as they call out for a shop attendant.Then the boy takes off his wallet from his ‘colombo’ black trouser but to his surprise he doesn’t have Ksh. 12,000/- , he thus points at another camera labelled  Ksh. 8,000 /-. The petite lass exudes anger and walks out of the store briskly moving her hips to and fro in a rhythmic succession.”Oh!! I just disappointed my way to a happy night” his wrinkled face seemed to say. Then he sees something written on the wall “Lipa na m-pesa”(pay with m-pesa) and a glow radiates from his honey-coloured skin. He removes his expensive-looking phone pays the bill with M-pesa, collects the Ksh. 12,000/-  gadget and runs out after the girl.”Honey!!! I just bought the camera” {Not that I would care if he called her spinach but but honey reminds me of that swahili saying ‘fuata nyuki ule asali ‘(Follow the bee and get honey) and am left wondering who the bee is in this case}. The girl turns back and runs to his masculine boyfriend and they proceed to fondle each other hungrily and later takes pictures together with their new camera.Couple at autumn outdoors

finTech_LipaNaMPESA4Well, I have no problem with ‘Lipa na M-pesa’ thing, it’s quite a good and brilliant idea as I am a victim of a circumstance I had to use it some time back. My problem lies with our generation’s obsession with materialism, it’s like it’s finally acceptable that girl’s nature include being materialistic. The girl (lets call her Anita) walks out on the guy (lets call him Daniel) because he was not able to raise Ksh. 12,000/-  and opted for a more cheaper good, shortly after the guy is able to purchase the girl rans to him as though they’ve met for the first day in years.

I might be naive but this is just to much, women have been crowned the queens of materialism and instead getting rid of the crowns we smile exposing our missing teeth that our dental formulae can be confused with vacant plots in the slum!! We have given value to objects that don’t have any true importance and we have ignored just what matters most in life.  It is clear that materialism has forced people to exchange morality and ethics with money and comfort making our world brutal and making us savages chasing money.


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4 responses to “Materialism

  1. ksternbelt

    January 21, 2014 at 8:07 am

    Besides the ‘queens’ getting along and “losing the most important in life”; I also wonder how many dudes would choose “disappoint their way to a happy night”.

    • shazyireri

      January 22, 2014 at 7:37 am

      if only guys culd shun away materialistic women then perharps we wuld be in a position to correct the ethics of the society but since they have no problem with it(actions speak louder than words)then our hands are tied.

  2. lweyajoe

    January 21, 2014 at 9:16 am

    i really wonder how i’d act here… so “shortly after the guy is able to purchase the girl rans to him as though they’ve met for the first day in years.” really? some guys are fools!!

    • shazyireri

      January 22, 2014 at 7:34 am

      its a two way thing if the guy leaves he’l be denied the way to a happy night.i really dislike that advert


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