Driving Experience….

11 Feb
Driving Experience….

(Having friends is one of the greatest thing, and not just friends but friends with your interest at heart, well today I have this friend of mine called Karis and he is my guest writer;- read this and post your comments below.)

Living Life is like when someone buys a new car;- one is anxious to hit the top speed. Yep! That is it…. We all have dreams and we wish they all come to reality and converge at the same time. That makes one focus and chase our ambitions hoping to hit the targets all at once… so often do we forget the basic of life – thus ignoring the road sign n speed limits in life 


But the truth is life has its ups and downs.. That’s a fact…. You cannot maintain that high speed for ever…. You’ve got to realize it’s unsafe, uneconomical and also damages your car slowly. You also endanger other peoples life whilst driving at speedometerthese speeds. That is basically applied in real life when you try to achieve something in life while you ignore the basics rules in life of LOVE and PEACEFUL Co-existence; because at these speeds SELFISHNESS & GREED is best applied.

Wait!! Did you slide and fall into temptations – well that’s right you were driving too fast to see the road signs – because it was clearly indicated the road is slippery ahead so then you need to sought out ourselves how to get a ‘breakdown’ and try n repair your broken life… or was it that you were in some traffic jam and someone was trying to squeeze in toTraffic Jam your lane..and you did would give a line.. So you crashed n some argument arose… who is gonna pay the other? You didn’t notice Brotherly Kindness was missing, love or temperance? At this point ‘they’ driving / owning some car is expensive…. That’s right- (A righteous life – A life worthy of the Gospel;- ain’t that simple life!!!)

So how often do you read the road signs (Bible Verses) & understand what they mean to your-life at that particular moment?? It sounds like we all come across them but ignore them. To this biblecause we’ve made BUMPS essential in our roads yet there not necessary. Simply because you’ve ignored the ‘slow down sign’ then the bump is there to force you article-2222734-15AC5196000005DC-126slow down.

Well in life so often we find ourselves in circumstances that only if we did seek God’s will first we’d have succeed without any regret or frustrations. But the so called ‘Mistakes we’ve made in the past’ – ‘Experiences’ are what teaches us to be careful in the future… So bad that you’ve wreck your car first so as to know how to take care of it thereafter.

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