Carlos is still in diapers…

18 Feb

He had been a bed-wetter for the last 14 years but he managed to stay dry for three years, he was now 17 bully-001years. Well, it wasn’t easy for him when he was a bed-wetter, he would dread going to bed since he knew the results in the morning,to him joy dint come in the morning but a wet bed did. He had to use a macintosh to avoid the embarrassment of having to take his mattress out to dry. Being a form 2 bully, he wanted no one to know of his bed-wetting status as he would lose the fame that he had worked so hard for, he was the best athlete and actor in school and if you think he was a dummy in class, well you are so wrong, he was not ,at least he was position 34 out of 35 (and position 35 never did the exam), so literally he was ‘not’ a dummy he was the dummiest.

It was holiday and her single mum was out of the country so he had to stay with her boring aunty Aunty Shik’ was one annoying lass, he did not let him watch T.V or play football,to her, holiday meant revising all you didn’t understand during the term and of course working (milking,washing utensils etc.) images (2)He did not like it, he was used to a fun holiday where he would play with his naughty friends and steal mangoes from there neighbours farms, his name was Carlos…l’d hate to say Carlos was naughty because I think l’d try the same thing he did or rather I found what he did funny rather than disrespectful..’C’mon stop judging my discipline before you even get to know what he did’…so what did Carlos do?

He decided to get even with her one night,in the best way he knew… He woke up at 2 and went to the kitchen,got a bowl of warm water “I’ll make her wet the bed” he thought as he smiled devilishly..He walked up to clip-art-illustration-of-an-african-american-boy-holding-a-bowl-of-soup-by-pams-clipart-338her room, and slowly opened the wooden door carefully not to make any sound and he walked over to her bed. Just as he was going to put her hand in the bowl, Tarzan, the cat jumped up on to her bed. She woke up.

“Tarzan!” she said “what are you doing in here?” Carlos panicked and headed for the door.’Not so fast Carlos!” aunt Shik’ said after turning on the lamp by the bed.
“Carlos! what are you doing in here?” she said. Carlos put the bowl behind him as he turned around.
“I….. I….. I was…..umm,” he tried to think of a reason he was in her room.
“Oh, I see, it is okay, Carlos, you don’t need to explain,” she said.
“What?” he asked.
“I see you had an accident,” she said. I did? he thought. He looked down. The front of his pajamas were soaked. In the rush to get out of her room he had dropped water all over his pajamas bottoms.frustrated
“Ya,” he said. “I aaaaaa, wet the bed.”
he didn’t want to get caught. If she knew what he was really doing he would be dead meat.
“Here, let me help you,” aunty shik said as she got out of bed.
“NO, I can handle it,” Carlos said as he backed out of her room and walked quickly to his room. When he got to his room he was still holding the bowl. He dumped the rest of the water on his bed, and put the bowl under his untidy bed. Just as he finished
aunty shik’ walked in.
“See, I just had an accident, no big deal. I have them every once in awhile.”He tried to play it off as if he had really wet the bed…(hehe!! good actor ryt?)
“It is ok,” she said.

As he held his hand and led him to the loo “From now on you will have potty time every night. You will sit there for 10 minutes and try to go pee pee,” she told him. “I will stay here to till time is up. Carlos came out.” Good, then you will have to wear something to bed until this stops, okay?” she said as she opened the box on the getty_rf_photo_of_mother_tucking_son_into_pleasant_bedcorridor that had been locked for so long. she pulled out several thick cloth diapers and about ten pairs of plastic and rubber pants.
“OH NO, I’m not going to wear those to bed. i don’t need to,” he said in protest. “I only wet ever once in awhile I told you, really, I’ll be fine.”
“OK, I’ll make you a deal”, aunt Shik told him “If you can go for a whole week and not wet then you won’t have to wear diapers to bed but for this week ’til you prove you don’t need them you will wear them, okay? But if you do wet you will stay in them ’til you can go two weeks dry, “It is a safe bet as i am not a real bed-wetter.”he thought. Beside this was still better than what would happen to him if she found out the truth.
“OK, but just one week, OK?” he said.
“Good, now lie down so I can get you ready for bed,” she told him, patting the end of the bed.
“There, now that was not so bad, was it?” she said after diapering him. She got him a short T-shirt from his drawer that barely covered the top of the diaper. She took him to the mirror on the closet and said, “from now on you will look like this at bedtime, got it?”
“But what about pants?” He asked.Potty-Chart2
“You won’t wear any and this is why.” She took his hand and took him to the kitchen. On the refrigerator she put a chart up. It was labelled “Carlos bed-wetting chart.”
“Every morning we will come here I will check your diaper, that is why you get no pants. It makes my job easier, if you are wet you get no star, if you are dry you will get a star, and if you go one week with all stars you will be out of diapers, if not, you will stay in diapers, deal?” she told him
“DEAL,” he said, and went to his room thinking “ this would be easy,” Well as you guessed it, he was dry the whole week. Finally the last night he would be in diapers came. he was diapered like anzac-golden-bed-pensionnormal and was sent to bed. He thought about how nice underwear would be to sleep in and happily drifted off to sleep. As the dawn’s early light drifted into his room he woke up and yawned.
“Finally,” he thought, “no more diapers.” he started to get up to go to the chart when he felt a weird feeling. He reached down and touched the diaper.
“No way, it can’t be.” he was wet, not wet, but soaking wet. He had wet the bed. He had to hide or something. Just then his door opened.

“So, did my little boy wet the bed or is he out of diapers?” aunt Shik’ said as she walked in.
“I…….. I…….. ummm, well I……” he mumbled.
“You didn’t wet your bed, did you, Carlos?” she said.
“I… I…” he started to cry.
FrusrtatedChild-002“I…. wwwwettt my bed,” he broke out into tears. he started to tell his aunt everything about what he had done, about how he tried to make her wet but not even that could save him from doing two more weeks on diapers ,whether it was for show or not,he had wet the bed,right?!!And if you must know Carlos is still in diapers to date (4 years later).. What goes around comes back around.. 😦


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3 responses to “Carlos is still in diapers…

  1. lweyajoe

    May 5, 2014 at 3:22 pm

    lol, nice piece. if i say i was once like carlos, i lose friends, do i? *runs hides* so i don’t say.

    • shazyireri

      May 15, 2014 at 12:10 pm

      u still are like carlos..aint u?we know better

      • lweyajoe

        May 15, 2014 at 1:48 pm

        oh no…


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