Oh!! my! What a day..?

27 Feb

Today was just special 🙂 , one of those days that things go amazingly wrong. First you wake up to some ice masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (4)cold water in the bathroom, then as you dance to reduce the cold effect you fall on the tiled floor in your birthday suit and so you have to go through the ice cold water again…you go to your bedroom and just when you want to iron your clothes, the lights go off…puff#; Your phone and the torch are both changeless but you find a microscopic candle that you light so carefully but the wind doesn’t let it lighten your world in peace.

masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (1)Nevertheless you take breakfast and wear your less-crissed clothes, you get out of the house and hurry to the stage knocking all the stones and your saddles cut just when your next to the stage….aaaah! I’lll have them made when I reach my destination….so you board the car and halfway the journey the tout asks for fare and you realise you forgot your wallet…aaah!. “Can I ‘lipa na m-pesa’, I have forgotten my wallet?” after some insults being hurled your way you send the tout money on his phone, you get to your destination and as you pull your cut saddle your dress gets stuck with one of the matatu seats and ooops! It’s all torn…haaa. its not so torn I can’t go home because I’ll be late for my exams you think.

You hurry to the mpesa agent and just when you want to remove some money for your bus fare to your final 209-274-shoe-cobbler-peru-pucallpa-001destination your phone goes off, the battery is dead! “how much is charging?” you get your phone charged and get your bus-fare from Mpesa, you rush to the cobbler And he makes your saddles, and as he is wiping them for you a motorcycle comes speeding and knocks the water he was using and it pours on your torn white dress. Now you look like ‘quail eggs’ with all those spots, but you comfort yourself, it will look like a pattern when its dry.

masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (7)You rush to the matatu and sit next to this guy reading a ‘encyclopidic’ novel, he’s so plumb that you can hardly fit on the seat, the matatu is all stinky and full of mosquitoes, “helow” he says in his voice that resembles that of a bulldog” obviously your not in the mood of greetings and so you don’t answer back, only for him to say “It’s not that am interested in you sister I just wanted to tell you that you have toothpaste all over your mouth” embarrassed you take out your pocket mirror and find out that he could never be more right, how did you walk to all those places and nobody told you? your pissed off and clean upmasterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day your face roughly.

There is so much jam and its just a few minutes to your exam time, so you get off the bus and take a motorcycle to school, you’ve always had a phobia for motorcycles but today you don’t even remember that, you get to school and as your getting off the motorcycle you feel some pain on your leg and you find such a big burn, it happens you sat badly and the motorcycle burnt you.

You limb to the supposedly exam room only to find its empty, what is wrong? Is masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (3)the exam over you ask yourself as you check the time,no it cant be,luckily you see a poster sticked on the board indicating the change of venue, oooh! You limp to the venue only to be asked for the exam card and as it was in the wallet you realised you left it also, you try to explain but the lecturer wont hear any of it ,he looks at your dirty dress in disgust and walks away. You limp to the examiner in tears and he lets you take the exam. oooh! It’s so hard, all the topics you had ‘lengad’ are there, you are blank and you fill the exam paper with all the crap you know.

masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (5)You decide to have lunch before you go home; and you rush to mama Kiokos kiosk and eat chafua (mandazi and beans soup) then rush to the bus only to get a call from some strange numbers, oops! It’s the tout you mpesa’d in the morning, he saved your numbers and now he is disturbing you with flat pick-up lines and old flatters.
You pay the mat and suddenly doze off and the next time you wake up your in Thika and you should have alighted at githurai! You ask for change and the tout claims he gave you, you are too tired to argue and so masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (8)you alight and the first person you see is your creditor, you have been assuming her calls and she wants her money now! You give her all your money and your left with no fare.

Don’t even ask how the day ended!!


Posted by on February 27, 2014 in Life Experience, Stories


2 responses to “Oh!! my! What a day..?

  1. lweyajoe

    February 27, 2014 at 6:47 am

    oh no! i feel it, a bad day indeed. u can laugh it off anyway, haha, i think we deserve all we get.

  2. mbuejames

    April 2, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    lovely article . go on write!


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