Mama,the centre piece of my life.

24 Apr


Mama, if I could,I l’d bring you the rainbow, perhaps buy you the cows of your dream but for now all I can offer are my prayers and this little article ment specifically for you. You are special mum.

First, mum there is nothing that makes me feel so special than knowing that for a fact I have twenty three chromosomes from you the most wonderful creature ever and what makes this bond between me and you even more special is the fact that it was created in your womb.

I might not be the best daughter in the world, I agree am imperfect, but mama I love you with every drop of my imperfection.01-mother-and-child I appreciate the fact that you chose to carry me to term, I know this is not usual as so many mothers perform abortions.
mum, I cant thank you enough for protecting me with your prayers so that the world does me no harm or carrying me through long miles when I felt I couldn’t go on. Thanks mama for not giving up on me,  you are my superhero memories of another time still come to me of how you slept with me on my bed when I was stressed, of how you hugged me when I was afraid, of how you caned me when I became naughty.

And all I can say is I love you mama, I love you Nancy Ireri.

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