16 May

Call me a dreamer and i wont ask you why ….teren teren
i was sitted in what looked like a hall,ooh not a dining hall for the sake of my friend who thinks only of food,this dream has nothing to do with food but don’t you mind I’ll take you out for lunch in a jiffy at mama mboga’s kiosk where you can eat to your full without making me go broke of all my Kenyan dollars…[where was i before food came in?]ooh i was dressed in a long,fancy,yellow Lupita dresimagess[order of adjectives wasn’t my favorite topics],’Where is he i asked myself as i moved my eyes through the crowd,i thought he’ll be the first to get here…ooh thanks be to God i said as i smiled at the sight of a guy in a shirt that resembled one of his many going through the door.finally he is here i thought as a wink escaped my large kolokolo eyes….ooh did he just shave those funny styles rural to urban guys shave?I asked as he came closer…then ooh the guy noticed my glare and smiled at me parading his anti-teeth mouth that resembled a vacant house in the slums…ooh this cant be him unless he tried doing what Mututho hates most and lost all his teeth in the process…the more he came closer the surer i was it was not him….my disappointment level rose and i could feel all my blood circulating in my medullaoblangata [just so you know i dint drop biology] ..he will not come,further more am getting the present not him..of course he doesn’t care…i thought…ooh No he surely does..perhaps his mean boss denied him an off…but at least he could call..ooh maybe his phone went off..but av just called and its going through just that he ain’t picking…maybe he is in a meeting..people cant answer phones in a meeting can they???but he has ‘am in a meeting’ template what is its use then….all this thoughts bombarded my now empty mind in a attempt to confuse me….SHARON NJOKI…ooh that sounds like my name…SHARON NJOKI…He called again in a voice that resembles that of a bull dog…i stood up and confidently ‘human-walked'[cat walk is out of my league,i don’t do fur] to the podium..cant he just come in before i get my present oh God,that will make me happier than an Oscar award!images…S.K Macharia gave me the award[can’t remember what it was] and after a lot of flatters I’d like this guy MIA[Missing In Action.. for the sake of meru guys who could think it means Miraa In Africa] to hear,he asked me to give some advice to the upcoming whatever it was…i doubt i said any thing sensible but i was glad i got a standing ovation,as i walked down the aisle….ooh not aisle…the stairs i mean some soft song was playing on the speakers and the projector went on…this was so rare in such occasions…and all a sudden the guy i had been waiting for all this time was walking up to me with a bouquet of white rosesimages…i mean white not like your teeth but like the snow…and the projector was showing some words…before i could even comprehend what it read girls were screaming and he looked into my eyes and said………..WAKE UP!aint you already late for school,it was mum pulling my nose…


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4 responses to “THE DREAM

  1. john ireri

    May 27, 2014 at 5:48 pm

    Yes wake up and go to school!

    • shazyireri

      May 29, 2014 at 11:48 am

      Thanks for reading….all time favourite dad

  2. Ibrahim Ksternbelt

    May 29, 2014 at 5:10 am

    I love the fact that you were woken up by having your nose pulled from the dream…

    • shazyireri

      May 29, 2014 at 11:53 am

      That dream should have really ended….atleast il not have so much weird end of story thoughts


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