06 Jun

The sun is setting
The leaves fall-fall is setting in
There’s a slight breeze outside It’s getting cold
I look outside and feel the breeze against my faceimagesimages
I close my eyes and listen…ooh its the RAIN

I gaze at the sky when it rains,i let out a sigh as i wave the sun goodbye.The day is getting cold,dark and dreary.The rains orchestra of wind blows through lush green trees.Someone is taking pictures of me,i think as i turn only to find out its the lightningimages,Thunder drums quietly, then BOOM!and i cant help but be afraid.We all love the rain,wherever we are sad it hides our tears and it soothes us with fresh air.Watching it as it drops on the ground,dressed up we cannot get a cold but spare a thought for those on the streets, with no where to go and nothing to eat.No comfort as they are freezing cold.Rummaging through bins for there dinner yet we have excess food to even feed the chicken.Dirty clothing, no shoes on their blistered feet.We look at them in disgust and some even dare to say yack!!! But have you thought about why they live on the streets??Don’t you think they long for a  warm,clean bed,warm food.Don’t you think they would want you to laugh with them not at them??

images  Don’t you think in other circumstances they would dreams of greatness and unrelenting joy??And so i want the rain to stop and only rain during the day,that way it will be fair to us and to them…To this boys and girls who survive on begging,waving motorists into parking areas and when times get to tough they rob your bag just to get money for food.They need to survive,don’t they?To this kids who once upon a time had their own names,but now they share the same name….The Street Kids….lets love and take care of them.Until then lets enjoy looking at the sun..




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