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my love… (a call and response in response to love letter :shoe wiper to rain boots…by shazyireri)

A friend decided to act the rainboots,here is her response to the love letter from the shoewiper….ENJOY…

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how-to-wake-upThey told me I was meant for the cleaner life, that you would drag meMuddy Boots 06 through the mud. They said you would tread all over me, that they could see right through you, you were full of rubber, that you were mean and you’d pass me through the pools of water, that I would always be chasing and watching you go to the garden because you were in love with the cabbages;
But I know better, I know your rough edges and your perfect curves. I HF3480_2_bigdon’t care what mud you will drug me through Make my heart your home come in and lie with me. If loving you means getting dirty go on and perform a soil erosion on top of used to a one time per day relationship but with you I will take all the IMG_1201time..I understand we live in different worlds but in my dreams you always pass me through the mud and I wake up all wet and sticky, but I pray that one day you will get tired of the garden and you will slide to me…and when I blink my eyes in the morning your smile will be the first thing I see.

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LOVE – 2

Love is not who you were expecting, not that man with side buds and a mustache ,or the bald head with a dimple.

Love is not what you can predict, maybe love is in Sudan fighting or in South Korea facing winter and you are in 4428703-man-in-black-suite-hiding-back-red-roseKenya.complaining about the heat.May be love is light and you are dark…but love knows no race…love is…love is just LOVE…
Maybe Love is not the marrying type ,maybe he is, ooh!! yes he is..maybe love can’t stay…maybe Young stress womanhe can…maybe he shouldn’t…I am ready for love ,may be am not, yes he is not…I knew it…and so I watch as love leaves.
When love arrived I said welcome, have a sit and as I watch him leave I say thanks for stopping by, i escort him to the door, lock it and am back on my bed listening to the loud silence…and I whisper…Hope to see you soon LOVE

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So she found the man of her dreams…who am I kidding. She never dreamt, her world was black and white. How could she masterpiece blog! Oh Wat a day (4)dream yet she hardly had a life, all she did was be herself and herself meant that no man was past the friend-zone, It meant that no man got the privilege of shaking her hand for more than a minute unless he was the professor awarding her first class honors on her graduation, the rest hardly feltimages the tenderness of her hands or the magic her fingers could do, they hardly got the chance to stare at her eyes that lay a tough competition to the stars. They hardly saw the smile that could threaten the sun…they were FRIENZONED…

No..No No!!!..she was not a feminist, she is not and will never be..but she knew the difference between being submissive and being misused..she knew and stood by her principles and one imagesincluded not to take crap from men…infact she could not take crap from nobody.

?????????????????????????????????????She was beautiful and she knew it…maybe that was one of the reasons she exhaled  such confidence that she could intimidate Patrick Lumumba(P.L.O), the most confident man av met so far….but here was a man that made her blush, a man that made her not only smile but laugh her tears out, an oasis in a desert, a man that meant the world to her…a man that colored her life…to him she was like a withered flower that he had to take care of…OOOOH!!  she met HER ONE TRUE LOVE


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LOVE – 1

I knew exactly what Love looks like …in…….campus….even though I had not met Love yet, I would recognize him immediately he downloadshowed up in my room.

Love wore sagged sweat pants, Chris Brown caps, had Mohawk, a golden teeth and an American accent. Love played a bass guitar and knew all the chords to even my heartbeat. Love was a poet who could jiggle with words to make me a love poem, Love was an artist, he could use brushes and pencil to put me down on paper.

Love wasn’t afraid to ride the bus with me, he got me butterflies…and i knew i was searching the wrong classroom, the wrong cafeteria, Love had to be there, I was sure of that, if only i could find him…
Mens-Shirt-Tie-masculine-eleganceBut when Love finally showed up he wore official trousers, a well ironed shirt and a matching tie. He had short neat hair ,white teeth and no accent at all. Love knew nothing about guitar not even how many strings it had and love couldn’t write a paragraph leave alone a poem neither could he draw…Love hated the bus and killed caterpillars, they were no more butterflies…

Love became the reason I no longer feared darkness because he was my moon….He had a soft voice that 4428703-man-in-black-suite-hiding-back-red-rosedeclared all my senses extremely active, suddenly I could see the way he bit his lips; I could smell his scent, I could hear his heartbeat and I could taste my tears…but Love also cried…He cried when he laughed, it was like watching the rain when its sunny…Love chews too loud…

love will tell you, – you are beautifully;

when your sad, he’l say – You are beautiful;

When you smile He’ll whisper – You are beautiful; you-are-beautiful-i-whisper

When you just wake up – You are beautiful;

When you’ve just been crying  – You are beautiful;

When you don’t wanna hear it.. – You are beautiful;

When you don’t believe it; When no one else thinks so – Love still says  – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….

1_beautifulAnd love indeed means it because – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL


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…all she needs is a man!!

anime-beautiful-girl-1920-1200-5770 (1)She was beautiful, intelligent and the complete definition of a real woman..loving ,funny and had a body any girl would die for…but she was sad and lonely.

Were men not seeing her?

Were they afraid of this career woman who had worked her way up to a good salary?

Were they afraid of her beauty?

Did they fear competition from other men who would admire her?

Did they degrade themselves so much to doubt whether they deserved her?Young stress woman

Were they worried her life would be too extravagant to afford? Or was it the fact that she was principled and seemed like she doesn’t have any submissive bone in her body that scared them?

Well, she was more than people could see, behind that tough look was a Princess with a heart of gold, behind those hard pressed lips was a warm smile that would brighten up any dull day, behind her stern principles was a warm girl that was willing to listen, compromise and sacrifice her life for those she loved.. were men’s theactuseeyes blinded to this side?

She was ageing and she could count at least 3 centuries.. wealthy, rich, health, wise but none of this mattered anymore she was lonely…all she needs is a man, a life partner,a companion, a true friend she can show her weakness to, a man she can cry on, a man to protect her, a man to give her kids,she really wants to be a mum.. all she needs is a man!!

And am left wondering if its wrong to be a good,ambitious,focused lady.

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Mr. Geo

So am sitted in this matatu next to a tall- short man, calling him short would be so unfair because he’s taller than the the sausages I can’t get enough of, – did I forget to mention am a vegetarian? Of course I forgot that’s because am not, I love plantsma-001 too much to let them suffer in my digestive system….. He’s staring at his wallet and cracking into a hearty laughter and am tempted to ask him if his wallet makes jokes but I choose to keep my mouth shut something I hardly do,but before I think twice he starts a conversation…

Him: Hey pretty girlo, am Geo
Me: Hey!
        My brain:Geo for Geography,you surely look like a map
Him: So whats your name plincess?
Me: Could you please shut the window (assuming i dint hear his question)
My brain: My name is Math..and its princess not plincess
Geo: Where is this beautifur girl headed?
Me: school!
My brain: Far away as possible from you.its beautiful not beautifur
Geo: You do evening crasses? what are you studying and where?
Me: Yes!
 My brain: You are overworking me,I only take one question at a’s classes not crasses
Geo: You look so bored,am I bothering you?
Me: Mmh!!, Am revising something in my head, I  have a C.A.T, please excuse me!
     My brain: Oooh!! YES you are bothering me!
Geo: why do all girls assume me?
Me: (looking at my phone like i dint hear him)
    My brain:You dont seem to own a mirror…
Geo: Ooh we are here,can i have your nuber?
Me: Sure…I read him some numbers on the Matatu for complaining in case the car is over-speeding. .its number fellow not nuber
My brain: Hahahhahahaha…dad is so lucky i dint give you his number..
So am here…got to rush to class…apart from being annoying,a shrab fellow,quite irritating i think mr.Geo is okay

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