…all she needs is a man!!

04 Nov

anime-beautiful-girl-1920-1200-5770 (1)She was beautiful, intelligent and the complete definition of a real woman..loving ,funny and had a body any girl would die for…but she was sad and lonely.

Were men not seeing her?

Were they afraid of this career woman who had worked her way up to a good salary?

Were they afraid of her beauty?

Did they fear competition from other men who would admire her?

Did they degrade themselves so much to doubt whether they deserved her?Young stress woman

Were they worried her life would be too extravagant to afford? Or was it the fact that she was principled and seemed like she doesn’t have any submissive bone in her body that scared them?

Well, she was more than people could see, behind that tough look was a Princess with a heart of gold, behind those hard pressed lips was a warm smile that would brighten up any dull day, behind her stern principles was a warm girl that was willing to listen, compromise and sacrifice her life for those she loved.. were men’s theactuseeyes blinded to this side?

She was ageing and she could count at least 3 centuries.. wealthy, rich, health, wise but none of this mattered anymore she was lonely…all she needs is a man, a life partner,a companion, a true friend she can show her weakness to, a man she can cry on, a man to protect her, a man to give her kids,she really wants to be a mum.. all she needs is a man!!

And am left wondering if its wrong to be a good,ambitious,focused lady.

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