Mr. Geo

04 Nov

So am sitted in this matatu next to a tall- short man, calling him short would be so unfair because he’s taller than the the sausages I can’t get enough of, – did I forget to mention am a vegetarian? Of course I forgot that’s because am not, I love plantsma-001 too much to let them suffer in my digestive system….. He’s staring at his wallet and cracking into a hearty laughter and am tempted to ask him if his wallet makes jokes but I choose to keep my mouth shut something I hardly do,but before I think twice he starts a conversation…

Him: Hey pretty girlo, am Geo
Me: Hey!
        My brain:Geo for Geography,you surely look like a map
Him: So whats your name plincess?
Me: Could you please shut the window (assuming i dint hear his question)
My brain: My name is Math..and its princess not plincess
Geo: Where is this beautifur girl headed?
Me: school!
My brain: Far away as possible from you.its beautiful not beautifur
Geo: You do evening crasses? what are you studying and where?
Me: Yes!
 My brain: You are overworking me,I only take one question at a’s classes not crasses
Geo: You look so bored,am I bothering you?
Me: Mmh!!, Am revising something in my head, I  have a C.A.T, please excuse me!
     My brain: Oooh!! YES you are bothering me!
Geo: why do all girls assume me?
Me: (looking at my phone like i dint hear him)
    My brain:You dont seem to own a mirror…
Geo: Ooh we are here,can i have your nuber?
Me: Sure…I read him some numbers on the Matatu for complaining in case the car is over-speeding. .its number fellow not nuber
My brain: Hahahhahahaha…dad is so lucky i dint give you his number..
So am here…got to rush to class…apart from being annoying,a shrab fellow,quite irritating i think mr.Geo is okay

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One response to “Mr. Geo

  1. writer dog

    November 7, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Haha, so funny. So Geo looks like a map? Suits his name.


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