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I have been here for so long……

black-girl-hair-careShe always stared at me, her hazel eyes looking right through me as article-2386663-1B322B29000005DC-358_634x631though asking for my opinion, she pulled her hair up and pined it into a style i couldn’t describe, and there she stared at me again and changed the hairstyle into “mowhark'” I preferred the other one” I try screaming, but she never listens, then she walks to her closet leaving me staring at the wall I am so used to by now, it was lilac in colour but now it looks more like purple with spots of coconut oil that she spills when oiling her now grey hair, I hate the smell but she doesn’t care about me anymore, she has a heart yet she is so heartless.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I have been here for so long to notice her doe-eyes turn guilty, too watch her beatific expression become brooding, too long to article-2381220-1B0DEC24000005DC-834_634x624realize her warm, broad smile turned brittle, long gone were the days she looked at me and smiled, long gone were the days she used to giggle at me just before she went for her date…long gone were the days I was the first person she proudly looked at in the morning…long gone were those good days..long gone was her love for me….she comes back with some few dresses on her shoulders and slowly she puts on one after another looking at me in dissatisfaction.

She shows me her love-handles that she had learned to hate so much, she picks her corset and angrily puts it on pressing hard on her stomach and her love-handles that she looks perfectly moulded, she then stares at the stretchmarks on her body and clicks girl_mirrorat me, as though I am responsible for putting them there. She then slips into a red dress that she settled on, I prefer the blue one with white stripes, it hides her wrinkled legs…but she still wants to XXX_8671_1309973511_1_1show them off, she might get lucky and get her dream man. Little by little she applies her moisturizer, toner, foundation and pods but the wrinkles are still vivid, then she takes her read lipstick which has been the only constant thing in her life since we started our relationship and gently presses it on her lips…She looks at me and gives me a fake smile and off she leaves, ………………………..and that is just my daily life as her mirror…


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