26 Jan

“Being male is a matter of birth,
being a man is a matter of age,
but being a gentleman is a matter
of choice.” ~Unknown
Whoever said this really needs a standing ovation or rather a lupita award…being a gentleman is a choice which i guess is nolonger in the list of kenyan men,dont give me that look i have evidence.Today i met a man on a doorway of a supermarket and he pushed me in order for him to get out,and its either he was dumb or just dint know where and how to use the word sorry,so i said it just to see if he could do the same but poor me i was richly wrong.Gone were the days a man would excuse you at the door,gone were the days a guy would help me carry a luggage home with no agenda…gone were the gentlemen and all their actions..And so that none of you men will think someone is referring to you when he/she says ‘ladies and gentlemen’ il help you with a list and that way you can judge yourselves.
1. A gentleman models civility in how he treats
others. He demonstrates respect, restraint,
and personal responsibility in all his
interactions. He is honorable, and values and
respects others.So if you shout at that waiter you definitely have never heard the name gentleman in your entire life
2. A gentleman is well-dressed. He knows how to
select clothing that is appropriate for any
occasion and that will assist him in
accomplishing his goals. He is well-groomed
and practices good hygiene. He understands
that his personal appearance – the way he
chooses to dress, groom, and carry himself –
opens doors to new opportunities.
3. A gentleman is polite.Politeness is an expression of concern for other people’s feelings. Being linguistically polite involves a highly
complex mix of appropriate words,
grammar, intonation and tone…..
4.A gentleman is patient yet punctual.He will not stand up a girl yet he will wait for her to fix her hair
5.A gentleman is romantic,he’l call his girl in the morning and wish her a lovely day,he’l tell her “you are beautiful” immediately she wakes up,he’l keep reminding her that she is in his mind every second,and definitely bring her something when he comes back home…..oooh on the other hand opening the door for a lady is an added advantage
thats just the basic


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3 responses to “GENTLEMAN? ??

  1. somakip

    January 28, 2015 at 6:51 am

    So true. Working hard everyday to shape my character into one befitting a gentleman.

  2. writer dog

    February 11, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    now now now! No. 2 makes it hard for me to judge myself. I sleep with my hat for fun. That’s not dressing for the occasion, yes? But 4 makes you sound evil :D.

  3. khaliey

    February 23, 2015 at 10:04 am

    well said


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