A letter to my Enemy

10 Feb

Dear (whatever your name is)
Its been 20 years down the line,and still you are not tired of frustrating me,you are not ashamed to make my life a living hell. I’d like to talk doogree with you.
I am no longer naïve enough to believe that despite your presence I can make my life the way I’d like it to be.Years have gone and av tried to live a normal life but you would’nt let me. I am old enough now to realize that I can never make peace with you we can never agree because all you do is bring tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. I will never be my truest self until I am rid ofyou.
Did you hear that? I wish i could only get rid of you.I will not be free until I am free of you.You are constricting me. You are suffocating me. You are the enemy I fear, the pain I dread, and the negative I cannot escape. You….you are the reason for my swollen eyes right now because you make me cry everytime i think of you.My family and close friends wonder how I do it, how I live with you in my life. I wonder why it had to be me,not that ild want you to make anyone else’s life miserable,but why did you chose me.Did i ever do anything wrong to you?if i did am sorry,please forgive me and allow me to have some peace of mind furthermore this punishment is too much even for a murderer and am not one.
I just want to make sure you are not mistaken on this: we are not friends. It has been years and I tolerate you, but that does not mean I do not hate you with every fiber of my being.i dread the pain that waits for me tomorrow,i dread the feeling you give me.i hate you with all my heart,this same heart that you crash every single morning
See what I did there?
There is not much more to say.
The next time I write to you, I hope it will be a goodbye.

song quote: Reach out to touch me with your hand, reach out to heal me, here I am. I’m crying out to you, I’m reaching out to you. Oh, Lord, come save me.Please hear my plea. Humbly I bow. I need
you now so desperate.


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3 responses to “A letter to my Enemy

  1. Ibrahim Ksternbelt

    February 10, 2015 at 9:18 am

    ….I believe the enemy’s days are over!!!

  2. writer dog

    February 11, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    ignore the enemy. he can’t even change destiny.

  3. khaliey

    February 23, 2015 at 9:57 am

    enemy(ies) are there to push you to your goals in life


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