23 Feb

Sharon Ireri


Dear God,

I realy hate to bother you,but av got a whole lot on my mind.I will be brief so i don’t take most of your time because i know their other more important letters you got to read,but please read my letter to the end.
First,i want to thank you for all of my prayers you have answered and for making an effort to read all the letters i write you in my secret chambers and for the replies though not in letter form.i want you to know that i really appreciate.
Second,is to ask whether you have not gotten my last letter,av been sending it over and over again for the last 20years but av never gotten a reply,not even a word to let me know you have received it.Am soo desperate for an answer,please i beg you God to answer me.i need a YES,a go ahead sign or even a NO to which i can resign,but no reply at all is making me so depressed.
Thirdly,Everlasting one,i need your grace to see me through all this challenges you allowed the devil to put on my way,i read the story of Job in the bible and i now perfectly understand what this is all about,but Dad u know i cant even walk without you holding my hand,so how will i make it through this without you and your Grace?You promised that your Grace will be sufficient for me,then why am i feeling this way?Please Lord,replenish me with your Grace.
Finally,Lord i need Love,i need to feel Loved not only by people but by you,i need to feel that kind of Love that only comes from you.i know you understand what i mean,there so many storms in my life that won’t let me see the sun shine,but if you only squeeze my hands and wrap me in your arms am sure il make it through.
I had so much to say but i promised il be brief so il just conclude here for now,i want you to know that I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH,and that there is nothing more i want than to see you face to face,but until then,KEEP ME IN YOUR WILL,SO I WILL NOT BE IN YOUR WAY.

Your loving Daughter
Sharon Ireri.

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  1. somakip

    February 23, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Be certain of God. He never fails. At times, He only delays to test our faith. Abraham’s promise took the longest and he ended up being the father of faith. Maybe yours has taken that long because God wants to recognize you as a daughter of faith. Hold on… ur answer is just around the corner.


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