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I stared outside as each drop of rain hit my window and i could feel the drain inside, inside my heart…it was painful yet so beautiful the way each drop hit the ground and bounced back but my heart was a soft rock that crushed each time it fell on a harder rock…the rain was beautiful and so was it…love…it moved the soil to one spot in a glorious rythm as i coud see the leaves dancing with every rain drop,my heart danced to…it danced to every love song that played,and so i take my guitar, but I have waited for the dust to fall on my guitar,my precious guitar,my musicaynnah so I could write your name on the dust…i figured writting your name in the mist on my window would be the coldest thing I could do to you but my heart is still so warm,warm with love,this love that speaks through tears caressing my cheeks.So with shaky little fingers i scribble down your name on my guitar,spelling each letter …And so i hold her so close next to my chest,next to my heart,and play to the tune of my heart beat,i hold the second string on the first fret with my index finger,fourth string second fret with my middle finger and finally the fifth string,third fret with my ring finger,thats key C,my heart beats at key C…,C for the care,the conscern,the charisma,the colour of my heart…black…and so i press down each string with all my strength,i strum up and down in a rhythmic succession,i play painful tunes,melodies of love,i transpose with each tear,each semi- tone becomes a tone,with every change of pitch of my heart…and my fingers bleed,and so does my heart…and the rain stops and i can now see the rainbow.


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