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lebanese-restaurant-montreal-zawedeh-restaurantI was pouring coffee for table number one, when I heard her heart break, He told her it was over and that all the times he said he loved her he was not serious at all, she cried and her cheeks turned pink but he never seemed to care, her tears could barely touch his heart. She was pretty and looked so lovable but still he took her for granted, I hated this species of men. “Bring me a burger” I heard him say, but before I left for the burger I heard her say, “am going home, am to blame for falling for you, you are not worth my love” with anger she rubbed off her tears and I whispered to her “he is not worth your tears” as she left hurriedly.
As I headed back to the counter to get the burger, I heard a young man’s voice saying “I’ll be going home now if that’s alright with you girls, my wife and kids sure miss me like I miss them, and I want to get home before little princess sleeps, I miss her butterfly kisses and little hugs” that was Jeff, he was my boss, I said bye to him and walked back to deliver the order thinking ‘that’s now my species’
Cappuccino and lemon tea for table number four, I was busting table number three at the corner when i saw him go down on one knee he said “Joy, I fell in love with you the very day I saw you. You complete me in every way and I want to share every moment of my life with you, I will never make you cry unless it is purely out of like your name suggests, I want to grow old with you, will you please marry me?” “yes I do, I will marry you handsome, I know no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do” and they hugged, I was confused whether to place the kettle on the table and clap, close my eyes and go on with my business or just say “do u have a brother Mr. man coz you sure behave like my kind of species” with my fun nature you’re sure I clapped, thanks ma’am but it looks like we will not need the drinks anymore we are going home but I will still pay he said winking at his pretty little thing and handing me a note.
1413452930429_wps_3_Young_man_proposing_at_Ch[1]As I walked to take an order for table number seven I fantasized of my Mr. Right on his knee saying “my heart was a desert until you came and watered it with your love. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together pulling the weeds and enjoying….pizza, Hawaiian to be specific, ooh she was ordering pizza and here I thought me and Mr. Right would enjoy pizza all our lives, ‘sorry but Hawaiian pizza is over, will you have Periperi or BBQ steak?’ ‘Yes please’ she was our regular customer and adored our pizza yet her size was too big to be seen by one eye. As I walked to get her order I wondered just why she never thought about going to the gym instead but I concluded she was lonely and needed the company of the pizza more.
There’s a million other stories from ‘The Little Is Much Café’ it’s a never ending saga and they’re played out every day but this one is finally over, the food is all put away and the coffee pot stands empty as empty as I feel. A father and a runaway or so it looks to me sit all happy on table number nine, I say ‘I hate to interrupt you but it’s really getting late’ the young tattooed boy looks up smiling and said “ma’am that’s okay am going home, all those years spent in prison stole to much time from me, and now that I am free I won’t waste another minute, am going home my family is waiting for me, am amazed that they still love me, they have forgiven me for the bitter seeds I’ve sworn, AM GOING HOME ‘,he said as he stood up.
So I walk out of ‘The Little Is Much’ hotel and I AM GOING HOME, heaven knows I’ve been away too long but now am going home.


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You mentioned it every second “your beautiful” you said but the only way you knew how to touch me was with your fist… blows ,kicks and slaps was your mother tongue, the only language you knew how to use to communicate. I remember how it started, you came in and started throwing things on the floor, I had scrubbed all morning but I did not complain I came to give you a hug just in case it was one of those days your boss made you feel worthless but what met me was a plate you threw right on my face, I gave an excuse when friends asked I said I hit the wall when we were getting intimate, I blamed myself for meddling when I should have given you space. You apologized and said it was just an emotional upheaval but before I knew it, it became a routine, you caressed me with kicks, tasted me with painful bites, you brought me gifts of slaps wrapped up in kicks…All this times I blamed myself for all of your mistakes. I painted all your evil with big expensive words till they seemed like angels straight from heaven, I said you have anger control issues when in real sense you were a cruel, violent man who used abuse to have power and control over me, you were a coward for lack of a better word. You belted me so hard that I lost partial hearing in one ear, you raped me and all this while I endured thinking you will change, I still loved you or so I thought but yesterday what you did was unforgivable you hit my stomach and I lost the only reason I was living, my baby, how can I forgive you? I hate the day I met you with a passion, and my prayer is that I never set my eyes on you…BUT UNTIL THEN THIS IS THE BURDEN OF MY HEART

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