13 Jul

You mentioned it every second “your beautiful” you said but the only way you knew how to touch me was with your fist… blows ,kicks and slaps was your mother tongue, the only language you knew how to use to communicate. I remember how it started, you came in and started throwing things on the floor, I had scrubbed all morning but I did not complain I came to give you a hug just in case it was one of those days your boss made you feel worthless but what met me was a plate you threw right on my face, I gave an excuse when friends asked I said I hit the wall when we were getting intimate, I blamed myself for meddling when I should have given you space. You apologized and said it was just an emotional upheaval but before I knew it, it became a routine, you caressed me with kicks, tasted me with painful bites, you brought me gifts of slaps wrapped up in kicks…All this times I blamed myself for all of your mistakes. I painted all your evil with big expensive words till they seemed like angels straight from heaven, I said you have anger control issues when in real sense you were a cruel, violent man who used abuse to have power and control over me, you were a coward for lack of a better word. You belted me so hard that I lost partial hearing in one ear, you raped me and all this while I endured thinking you will change, I still loved you or so I thought but yesterday what you did was unforgivable you hit my stomach and I lost the only reason I was living, my baby, how can I forgive you? I hate the day I met you with a passion, and my prayer is that I never set my eyes on you…BUT UNTIL THEN THIS IS THE BURDEN OF MY HEART

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