Business Monday

06 Jun

Hey buddies,You all missed me like i missed you,right?yaah i totally missed you,i know its been a while but am now back with a plan of how we will meet to part no more #singing as i go
Thanks for you guys who really encouraged me to continue blogging when it got to that part in life where everything in life gets sugarless except that one thing that happens to be the only sugar you know,sweet friends and funs.
So yah life has been sugar and salt and all the in betweens but am glad to be back,i love you guys,not just because you read all my pretty heart spillings but because you like them.i have come up with a routine to make our life down here alittle organized,am not a really routine kind of girl partly because spontaneous is my middle name and suprises is my surname but being random has proved that am a pretty case of classical dysfunctionality so lets try the routine way.However il try out the routine before i tell you,to test how workable it is because i don’t want you guys to be disappointed, but i hope it works.
Away from me,today is Monday, business Monday, so i want to educate you on one or two things in the business world.let’s talk about UBER,am sure many have heard this term mentioned and probably know alitle about it but how about learning much more.
1)What is Uber?Uber in a riders perspective is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. For drivers, Uber provides them with exceptional pay while enabling them to be their own boss and choose their own working hours.
2)How does it work? To start using Uber
as a passenger, first you must signup to
create an account and either link your credit card or PayPal account as a form of payment. You will only be charged when you take rides,but this allows for a cash-free environment. Whenever you need a ride; simply open up the Uber app on your phone, insure the pickup location is where you are at that particular time, select the car service you
prefer from the bottom, tap “Set Pickup
Location”, then confirm your request by
tapping “Tap To Request”
3)What are the conditions you have to meet to use uber?
As a user you have to be over 18years old.As a driver you need to be atleast 21years old ,u also must own/have access to a good condition 4-door vehicle and not older than 2006 .
What are the prices?
Base fare: 100 KSh
Cost per min:4 KSh
Cost per km: 60.27 KSh
Service fee: 0 KSh
Cancellation fee: 200
Hope you are have learnt one or two thing
Lotsa love
Princess Shar

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