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A for Awesome Neema

IMG-20160613-WA0004Awesome is an understatement for the young Christian mum who happens to be an excellent blogger at ,meet Neema Joel whose smile radiates her slogan of being an expert in giving love.Join me as she takes me through her life as a blogger.
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Am a stay at home mum who loves blogging and cooking.
2. Tell us a little about your blog and how you first got involved in blogging?The first job i got after campus involved blogging and managing social media accounts,this became my stepping stone to become a blogger.i used to have another blog before but after getting married i took it down because i was not sure i could manage marriage and blogging but after settling in marriage i thought about it and i was sure i wanted to blog again and that’s when i settled on my current blog.i decided to blog again because i realized many people especially the youth look up to me and i wanted to give them a platform to read about somethings that they might not know,i personally didn’t know a lot of things before marriage but now i do.
3. What do you find most challenging about blogging ?
Managing the home and finding time to blog.its a tough balance.
4.What do you blog about?
I write recipes,modesty post,about how to take care of natural hair and pretty much encouraging stuff that people can relate to.
5. How long on average does it take
for you to write a blog post from
concept to publication ?It depends on what am writing about,recipes and adventure posts take around 10- 20 minutes but more sentimental things take longer around 30 minutes .
7. How do you keep coming up with material/content for your blog?
The content is mostly geared around my daily experiences and what i have been doing over the week.
8.What would you prioritize? Content? SEO?Traffic or Readers?i major on the content because that is what i put out there,i don’t major on how many people read it because i believe that if you write good content that people can read and relate with,it will definitely get readers.
9.A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. Have u monetized your blog?if not do you plan on doing that?i have not monetized my blog,but it depends on how much i get to do with time.Monetizing my blog means that i do adverts by talking about some products currently that is not the main agenda,However i would later but not now.
10. What has been your strategy for creating visibility to your blog?I share my posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,that’s how i get my followers .
11.Everyone has a favorite/least favorite
post. Name yours and why?My favorite was(laughing) the one i wrote about my husband’s birthday, i was surprised how many people read it and i actually wondered whether people actually read what i write or they are just interested in my personal life.i don’t however have a worst post.
12.What’s the biggest make that you’ve made blogging that you’re comfortable disclosing
and what advice would you give to other bloggers so that they could avoid it.
I actually don’t think i have any but what i always think about is my privacy and that of my family especially because my husband is a very private man and so i always blog in a way not to disclose too much information.
13. Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?it depends on the topic ,for natural hair i have two one is Whitney her channel is naptural85 ,she is so knowledgeable as far as taking care of natural hair is concerned and craving yellow,she is Kenyan and i can actually relate to her more because her hair is more like mine unlike Whitney who is black American and her strands are different from mine.i also follow Sidney Liam her blog is called The Day book blog,she has a family her blog and she writes nice and well structured posts.Finally our very own This is Ess,she actually inspired me to start writing my own personal blog apart from the fact that my job was to blog.
14.If someone was interested in blogging,what would be a few things you would suggest?I would suggest that you find something you are passionate about to ensure you get great content,getting content for something you are not passionate about is not so easy.
15.Anything you would want to add?Blogging is not very easy it is a give and take affair where you give up your privacy and gain people you are inspiring or encouraging .If you feel you can actually do that then go for it.

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Image result for love

Does love have a beginning or an end?
Or does it extend to the bend that says God-sent?
Does it start on a Monday and end on a weekend?
This i do not comprehend
When did i start to love you?

How many dates does it need to love-start?
How many smiles turn it to an art?
How many years seconds does it take to convince my heart
That indeed you are my missing part
When did i start to love you?

Image result for lol word

lots of love

Was the day we chatted on Facebook the begging of it all
Or was it the day we met next to the shopping mall
That you took me in as your all in all
Was it the day i told you short-form of lots of love is lol
When did i start to love you?

Was it when you started to wake me up to pray
Did it happen when i walked away and my sky was all grey.
And you told me God will surely make a way
Or was it the day you told me I looked
pretty – shaped that way
When did i start to love you?

Was it the day you asked me if we could ride the horse and i said Yes of cos
Or the day we ate a meal of three course and i told you your my strong force

Was it when you lifted me defying gravitational forceImage result for couples carrying each other
Or when you let me pull your nose
Was it then that i began to love you?

Was it when you wrote me that letter in black and white
Or when you declared your love late in the night
Was it when i said i love you too and it felt so right
Or when i fantasized being with you dressed in snowy white
When did i start to love you?


Image result for love quotes

he loved me despite of all my weaknesses

Was it when i told you my secret so long
And i thought you’d despise me but i was wrong
Instead you loved and cared all along
Said you love me coz you love me not coz am strong
Was it then that i started to love you?

Did it happen when you held my hand for the first time
Or when i saw your tear thats worth more than a dime
Was it when you showed me a sign of our love for a life time
That star that became yours and mine
Was it then that i begun to love you?

my note to him


Was it nights you saw me shivering and offered me your coat?
Was it when I peeped in your wallet and found you’d saved my note?
Or the promise i hope i’l not misquote
of a ride in a boat and the nyama choma goat?
When did i start to love you?


Was it when you hurried to hospital to see me.
And prayed that well i shall be
And i said a final Amen of let it be
And before i knew it i was free
Was it then that i started to love you?

Is it the love you show me that causes my blood to flow?
Is it this love that makes my skin to glow?
Is it you that took my broken pieces and made so whole?
Was it when I came to recognize the poet in your soul?
That I began to love you?

When did i start to love you?
I don’t know
I only know – I love youImage result for love


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Sharon Ireri


Dear God,

I realy hate to bother you,but av got a whole lot on my mind.I will be brief so i don’t take most of your time because i know their other more important letters you got to read,but please read my letter to the end.
First,i want to thank you for all of my prayers you have answered and for making an effort to read all the letters i write you in my secret chambers and for the replies though not in letter form.i want you to know that i really appreciate.
Second,is to ask whether you have not gotten my last letter,av been sending it over and over again for the last 20years but av never gotten a reply,not even a word to let me know you have received it.Am soo desperate for an answer,please i beg you God to answer me.i need a YES,a go ahead sign or even a NO to which i can resign,but no reply at all is making me so depressed.
Thirdly,Everlasting one,i need your grace to see me through all this challenges you allowed the devil to put on my way,i read the story of Job in the bible and i now perfectly understand what this is all about,but Dad u know i cant even walk without you holding my hand,so how will i make it through this without you and your Grace?You promised that your Grace will be sufficient for me,then why am i feeling this way?Please Lord,replenish me with your Grace.
Finally,Lord i need Love,i need to feel Loved not only by people but by you,i need to feel that kind of Love that only comes from you.i know you understand what i mean,there so many storms in my life that won’t let me see the sun shine,but if you only squeeze my hands and wrap me in your arms am sure il make it through.
I had so much to say but i promised il be brief so il just conclude here for now,i want you to know that I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH,and that there is nothing more i want than to see you face to face,but until then,KEEP ME IN YOUR WILL,SO I WILL NOT BE IN YOUR WAY.

Your loving Daughter
Sharon Ireri.

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Today i remembered an act of faith when i was still little and i found a reason to laugh.As a child i had so many ambitions,goals and visions not that i don’t have them now:i still do,just that they are closer to reality,as a child i was an optimist but am now a realist,thats the only difference between baby sharon and adult sharon,plus afew wrinkles ofcourse.I really dont remember the whole story in details but i remember me and my kid sister kneeling next to my bed and holding a hundred shillings praying for God to add a zero so that it will be a thousand shillings,and we would open our eyes and still the money would have two zeros and we would start praying over and over again,i remember we prayed for an hour before mum came back home and found us praying,she stood by the door and listened,and when we opened our eyes she called us and made us sit next to her,she explained that we should not ask God to add a zero to the money so that we would buy something with the thousand bob rather we should pray for God to give us what we would want to buy with the a thousand shillings. We went back on our knees and told God the specific thing we would want to have and surprisingly dad brought us whatever we wanted when he came home,it really didnt matter whether mum told him or not,what mattered is that God answered our prayers,and today i hope He can answer mine,not all of them for a start just that major one…I hope God reads my blog and will answer my prayers.
Song quote:…for ave reached desperation and ave stumbled since my start,ave gone weary through the years,now am crying bitter tears from the depth of my heart


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LOVE – 1

I knew exactly what Love looks like …in…….campus….even though I had not met Love yet, I would recognize him immediately he downloadshowed up in my room.

Love wore sagged sweat pants, Chris Brown caps, had Mohawk, a golden teeth and an American accent. Love played a bass guitar and knew all the chords to even my heartbeat. Love was a poet who could jiggle with words to make me a love poem, Love was an artist, he could use brushes and pencil to put me down on paper.

Love wasn’t afraid to ride the bus with me, he got me butterflies…and i knew i was searching the wrong classroom, the wrong cafeteria, Love had to be there, I was sure of that, if only i could find him…
Mens-Shirt-Tie-masculine-eleganceBut when Love finally showed up he wore official trousers, a well ironed shirt and a matching tie. He had short neat hair ,white teeth and no accent at all. Love knew nothing about guitar not even how many strings it had and love couldn’t write a paragraph leave alone a poem neither could he draw…Love hated the bus and killed caterpillars, they were no more butterflies…

Love became the reason I no longer feared darkness because he was my moon….He had a soft voice that 4428703-man-in-black-suite-hiding-back-red-rosedeclared all my senses extremely active, suddenly I could see the way he bit his lips; I could smell his scent, I could hear his heartbeat and I could taste my tears…but Love also cried…He cried when he laughed, it was like watching the rain when its sunny…Love chews too loud…

love will tell you, – you are beautifully;

when your sad, he’l say – You are beautiful;

When you smile He’ll whisper – You are beautiful; you-are-beautiful-i-whisper

When you just wake up – You are beautiful;

When you’ve just been crying  – You are beautiful;

When you don’t wanna hear it.. – You are beautiful;

When you don’t believe it; When no one else thinks so – Love still says  – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….

1_beautifulAnd love indeed means it because – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL


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Cuppiecake,here i am.I know you didn’t expect to see this here;but now that you went scrolling ;you’ve hit a goldmine.I’m doing this ages before i say “I DO’ i love you, and you are snooping because you love me too and ooh you care.Like every human being i have expectations,do you?I dreamt of prince charming just like any other girl who read Romio and Juliet.Is this getting weird?You’re my prince charming or the closest i could ever get to that.

Before you say or said[depending on when you are reading this]i do…

if you are reading this piece right now before we are together then put a smile on your face because i am in the process of giving you clues;but if we are together please stop reading before you realize you did everything wrong.I love you anyway ;don’t get ulcers,u cannot redo any of this.

1.Proposal;who oimagesn earth proposes while standing?are you singing the national anthem?seated?Ive had enough lectures in campus.Go on one knee like a modest 21st century gentleman.Don’t make it two knees please,remember you are not praying.ooh did i forget to tell you,”honeyplumb i hate red flowers please consider white ones.Mmmmh and don’t propose via text i’l not see it,my S5 chooses what message to deliver and which ones to put in the spam.

2.House;I love houses,i really do my love,BUT I’d like to be in the plan,landscape,location,everywhere from design to the physical attributes.Please wait for me ‘tujenge na wewe’ i know you want to be independent,stable and settled before we get married,but honey there are banks where you can put the money for the house and wait and we can build it together right after our honeymoon.I’d be glad to top it up.Yaahh we both know i love colors but i don’t want my house to have green seats,red carpet,yellow curtains and blue walls…colors achia rainbow[no offense naturally guys are color blind]

3.My nature;I know am stubborn…not annoyingly stubborn but lovingly stubborn[don’t blame me i take after both my parents],so please be ready for some drama like pretending am dead asleep on the coach so that you can carry me to bed,and when we get to bed i laugh at you for being so sweet,or hiding the keys to the wardrobe when i don’t want you to goimagesimages to job…I can do that and many more so please be ready for me.You have to have a big heart to stand all my faded jokes.[don’t say you were not told]

4.Pregnant;Champ,honestly i love kids and i really want to be pregnant,to feel my dozen kids kicking in my belly and to get an opportunity to disturb you a little[it gives me joy]…i have it all well planned,how ill call your  office mobile when i miss you and whine like the kid is coming the next second,and no doubt you’ll come home hurriedly only to find me at the door holding a teddy bear on my hands and tell you ‘honey we just got a baby teddy,what do we call her?’i hope you wont get angry its not my fault that i missed you?is it? and as a matter of fact, dint i just ensure you got a free day off?ooh and let me tell you,ill be having lots of weird cravings in the night and wake you up to tell you how bad am craving for ‘mutura’ and how much i should eat it immediately…hehe…this is gonna be so fun.

5.Kids;Prince charimagesming,I’d like to stay home and raise my kids myself to take videos of how they cry or laugh,to hear them pronounce their first words,to take pictures of their toes and nails,to comb their hair and dress them up,to sew clothes for them and teach them how to pray,to blog all day long of how adorable my kids are..I want to be there every minute of their lives,so please honey lets work hard before we have kids because i plan to quit my job as soon as my first kid is born and resume only when  they join school,please please do not deny me this satisfaction

6.Hobbies;I just pray that you don’t watch football because am not ready to share you with a game and as a matter of fact i hope we will not have a T.V in our house for the sake of ensuring our kids have better hobbies than watching football or the so called soap operas, id rather they have hobbies like reading,drawing and playing violinimages.No offense to footballers but i have a comprehensive definition of football [twenty two idle men chasing dead skin] but considering the footballers earn millions from the game i changed my definition to talk about the fans [a bunch of idle people watching people make money while they get broke]..that’s just my opinion whats up with that facial expression?

7.The little things;Cherry ill show interest to all that you do no matter how boring it will be,if you enjoy playing PS ill even cheer you on so please do the same,show intrest in things i do,read mimagesy blog,watch me play guitar,be there to celebrate my achievements and offer a shoulder to cry on when i fail.Pray with me when i pray,surprise me with breakfast in bed,flowers in my office[not only on valentines],open the door for me and NEVER EVER forget my birthday or our anniversary.Honestly i don’t value the big things as much as the little small things,be sure I’ll do much more for you.


PS;i hope you consider these before asking whether I’ll marry you ,and if i already said yes i hope you stopped when i asked you to,and if not please consider point number 7



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LET ME BE!!!!!

SORRY…,i know i love math and everything with numbers…but that doesn’t mean i need formulas on how to leave my life..a girl should act like this,sit like this,,,look like this,walk like this,dress like this,put on make up like this…etc…i hate the pressure…and i just cant take it.i type H and the first thing Google brings is ‘How to lose weight’ who told you am overweight Mr Google????i type T and  the title ‘Tips of getting big hips appears” pops up. No i will NOT!!!!!!! I will not take chick mash,layers or use padded panties to make whoever happy,i REFUSE to try too hard to impress anyone while am suffering with the consequences of eating chick mash to get the so called ‘ PERFECT FIGURE EIGHT’ for your information eight has never been my favorite number and you wont make it one so quit giving me tips i don’t need, my southern hemisphere is just perfect..Why is there a formula for everything??? cant i just live my life the way i feel i should…this pressure is driving people crazy…i see girls walk 3/4 naked in the name of fashion yet its so cold,why cant they just put on  threaded sweaters that are so warm and cozy?why should fashion be the excuse to get flu???why are grown up men dropping pants  that they end up looking like they are dressed in wet pampers???isOOH i bet i used the wrong words they don’t deserve the name men let me call them boys because like i said…SWAG IS FOR BOYS AND CLASS IS FOR MEN.why are this pretty dark girls bleaching themselves that they end up spotted and  looking like hyenas???is being dark a crime???who said lighter people are prettier???well if you think so then that proves you’ve imagesnot met me yet beimagescause am DARK AND LOVELY.must i apply make up to look presentable???sorry but i think it makes one look like a zombie [ for lack of a better word]green eyeshadow,red lipstick,spotted hyena face,pink chicks,fake eyelashes,golden tooth,and a ‘chick mash’ behind hemisphere…ooh no I WILL NOT!!!! i said i will not try to hard to wear high-heels and hurt my back in the process,NO!!!NO!!! am not too short your just the taller than you should be.NO….NOT ME…I WILL NOT…i will not….LET ME BE ME!!!!!


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