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Rudisha mapenzi Nyumbani

Its Tuesday, (read Rudisha mapenzi nyumbani Tuesday) ,there is something about Tuesday’s that makes me feel and think about love things.So today i hope we can try see how to be better lovers,more lovable and ofcos happier, isn’t being happy in everyone’s wish list?i want us to think about Communication,its really a long word that has alot of influence in our lives.Communication is the act of passing information from one person to another,it may be verbal where you talk to a person or non verbal where you smile,wink etc,i was a terribly poor communicator (still trying to perfect) due to my over independent nature and this would lead me in loggerheads with the people i love or the people who love me,i would go somewhere and lack to communicate and they would be worried sick what has happened to me,this went on for a while till i met someone who taught me the importance of communication so i will share some basic communication principles that i hope will help each one of you single or double(read married) to be better individuals
1: The Principle of First Response
The course of a conflict is not determined by the person who initiates, but by the person who responds.As the respondent you can actually decide whether to be calm and solve the issue well or be rude and bring about a fight. As Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” So this week i hope we can try to be gentle and wise in our response be it to our family members,our partners,colleagues, schoolmates or buddies
2.The Principle of Proper Timing:
The success of a conversation can be
maximized if the timing of the
conversation is carefully chosen.i used to wait till my dad is ready to leave the house before i actually tell him i need something ,he would mostly forget about it or he would snob and leave,this would hurt me alot since i didn’t understand why he would snob me or forget some important things,but one day he called me and told me he usually gives us all his time before he leaves for work and immediately after work yet i only tell him of things when he is almost approaching the gate,i then realised that for communication to be effective it has to be timely. Lets all know what timing is best to communicate with the people we love before actually communicating.
3.The Principle of Physical Touch:
It is difficult to sin against someone while you are tenderly touching him or her.I observed that when communicating with someone when touching them and our conversation begins to drift toward conflict, we stopped touching. I found what I’m certain you’ll find: It is very difficult to fight with someone you are tenderly touching. So, we had a choice at that point: to stop fighting
so we could keep touching or to stop
touching so we could keep fighting.Most often than not we would not land into fighting. These simple gentle touches are deterrents from arguing,try them and tell me if they worked for you.
4.The Principle of Mirroring:
Understanding can be enhanced if we
measure it often throughout a
conversation. Have you ever meant one thing by what you said but the person you were talking to heard something else? It can make for very frustrating communication. If you’re not sure if the person your talking to is getting what
you’re talking about, check to see if you
hear this phrase a lot: “What do you mean by that?”I had this really good friend who never got what i meant,he would negate all my statements for example i say ‘how far are you?’ and he understands’ why are you ever late?’ and start defending himself, am not a fun of defense or excuses and therefore an argument would arise. Mirroring can help you test whether you are hearing your partner properly. Once your partner makes a point … repeat it to him or her. Say something like this: “So, what I hear you saying is …” or, “Are you saying … ?” Then, in your own words, tell him or her what you understand to have been said. Then, the most important part of mirroring comes-You must allow your
Partner to either affirm or correct what
you’ve worked for me,try it friends.
5.Principle of Prayer-i can only put this by quoting what evangelist R.A. Torrey said on prayer:
“The reason why many fail in battle is because they wait until the hour of battle. The reason why others succeed is because they have gained their victory on their knees long before the battle came …Anticipate your battles; fight them on your knees before temptation
comes, and you will always have victory
This said and done i place the ball in your court,its upto you to Rudisha Mapenzi nyumbani

Lotsa love
Princess Shar

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Does love have a beginning or an end?
Or does it extend to the bend that says God-sent?
Does it start on a Monday and end on a weekend?
This i do not comprehend
When did i start to love you?

How many dates does it need to love-start?
How many smiles turn it to an art?
How many years seconds does it take to convince my heart
That indeed you are my missing part
When did i start to love you?

Image result for lol word

lots of love

Was the day we chatted on Facebook the begging of it all
Or was it the day we met next to the shopping mall
That you took me in as your all in all
Was it the day i told you short-form of lots of love is lol
When did i start to love you?

Was it when you started to wake me up to pray
Did it happen when i walked away and my sky was all grey.
And you told me God will surely make a way
Or was it the day you told me I looked
pretty – shaped that way
When did i start to love you?

Was it the day you asked me if we could ride the horse and i said Yes of cos
Or the day we ate a meal of three course and i told you your my strong force

Was it when you lifted me defying gravitational forceImage result for couples carrying each other
Or when you let me pull your nose
Was it then that i began to love you?

Was it when you wrote me that letter in black and white
Or when you declared your love late in the night
Was it when i said i love you too and it felt so right
Or when i fantasized being with you dressed in snowy white
When did i start to love you?


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he loved me despite of all my weaknesses

Was it when i told you my secret so long
And i thought you’d despise me but i was wrong
Instead you loved and cared all along
Said you love me coz you love me not coz am strong
Was it then that i started to love you?

Did it happen when you held my hand for the first time
Or when i saw your tear thats worth more than a dime
Was it when you showed me a sign of our love for a life time
That star that became yours and mine
Was it then that i begun to love you?

my note to him


Was it nights you saw me shivering and offered me your coat?
Was it when I peeped in your wallet and found you’d saved my note?
Or the promise i hope i’l not misquote
of a ride in a boat and the nyama choma goat?
When did i start to love you?


Was it when you hurried to hospital to see me.
And prayed that well i shall be
And i said a final Amen of let it be
And before i knew it i was free
Was it then that i started to love you?

Is it the love you show me that causes my blood to flow?
Is it this love that makes my skin to glow?
Is it you that took my broken pieces and made so whole?
Was it when I came to recognize the poet in your soul?
That I began to love you?

When did i start to love you?
I don’t know
I only know – I love youImage result for love


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LOVE – 1

I knew exactly what Love looks like …in…….campus….even though I had not met Love yet, I would recognize him immediately he downloadshowed up in my room.

Love wore sagged sweat pants, Chris Brown caps, had Mohawk, a golden teeth and an American accent. Love played a bass guitar and knew all the chords to even my heartbeat. Love was a poet who could jiggle with words to make me a love poem, Love was an artist, he could use brushes and pencil to put me down on paper.

Love wasn’t afraid to ride the bus with me, he got me butterflies…and i knew i was searching the wrong classroom, the wrong cafeteria, Love had to be there, I was sure of that, if only i could find him…
Mens-Shirt-Tie-masculine-eleganceBut when Love finally showed up he wore official trousers, a well ironed shirt and a matching tie. He had short neat hair ,white teeth and no accent at all. Love knew nothing about guitar not even how many strings it had and love couldn’t write a paragraph leave alone a poem neither could he draw…Love hated the bus and killed caterpillars, they were no more butterflies…

Love became the reason I no longer feared darkness because he was my moon….He had a soft voice that 4428703-man-in-black-suite-hiding-back-red-rosedeclared all my senses extremely active, suddenly I could see the way he bit his lips; I could smell his scent, I could hear his heartbeat and I could taste my tears…but Love also cried…He cried when he laughed, it was like watching the rain when its sunny…Love chews too loud…

love will tell you, – you are beautifully;

when your sad, he’l say – You are beautiful;

When you smile He’ll whisper – You are beautiful; you-are-beautiful-i-whisper

When you just wake up – You are beautiful;

When you’ve just been crying  – You are beautiful;

When you don’t wanna hear it.. – You are beautiful;

When you don’t believe it; When no one else thinks so – Love still says  – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….

1_beautifulAnd love indeed means it because – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL


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…all she needs is a man!!

anime-beautiful-girl-1920-1200-5770 (1)She was beautiful, intelligent and the complete definition of a real woman..loving ,funny and had a body any girl would die for…but she was sad and lonely.

Were men not seeing her?

Were they afraid of this career woman who had worked her way up to a good salary?

Were they afraid of her beauty?

Did they fear competition from other men who would admire her?

Did they degrade themselves so much to doubt whether they deserved her?Young stress woman

Were they worried her life would be too extravagant to afford? Or was it the fact that she was principled and seemed like she doesn’t have any submissive bone in her body that scared them?

Well, she was more than people could see, behind that tough look was a Princess with a heart of gold, behind those hard pressed lips was a warm smile that would brighten up any dull day, behind her stern principles was a warm girl that was willing to listen, compromise and sacrifice her life for those she loved.. were men’s theactuseeyes blinded to this side?

She was ageing and she could count at least 3 centuries.. wealthy, rich, health, wise but none of this mattered anymore she was lonely…all she needs is a man, a life partner,a companion, a true friend she can show her weakness to, a man she can cry on, a man to protect her, a man to give her kids,she really wants to be a mum.. all she needs is a man!!

And am left wondering if its wrong to be a good,ambitious,focused lady.

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Its too long before i blogged,i miss you,and you,ooh am not so sure about you,you bring chills to my fingers when i cant stop typing because words just flow..anyway,let them flow,let them flow behind them is a mastermind,who keeps them tucked in specialty,big expensive words all uttering this simple feeling within this simple girl..that’s pretty fortunately with my name shining all over it.

well,over my break ave learnt  a lot,like my voice is not too sweet to make a snake surface up yet its sure ‘baba watoto’ is waiting so close with a machete ready to prove to it that this is no longer Eden where it could fool his wife with that fresh apple because ‘GMO’ looks better[if you know what i mean]

Ave also learnt that my eyes can imagescommunicate like the eyes of a lover,saying endless and invisible feelings,of my undying love,too bad you hardly look at my eyes.

Ave learnt that nothing makes me happier than watching the sun rise with the flaming passion of volcanic orange,another day that the lord has given me,makes me smile with deep sensational love,and i get lost in my own world of solitude,loneliness,this world that my heart writes about,pouring words beyond itself,yet i can barely capture what the words mean myself,because all i see images,hear,taste,smell and touch is you.

The song from the birds that watch my warm tears hit the ground every morning  no longer make me smile,because all i do is stare at the stars hoping you are different,hoping that deep within you have eyes that can see beyond the physical,i want you to see more than this pretty face,more than this incredible cheekbone,full lips and exotic thick eye lashed eyes.More than my incredible soft skin or my swan-like neck that you think could make a model career,more than my long  curly hair that dances at the rhythm of the wind..Please look beyond the perfect twins that your eyes cant resist staring at,more than this body you think would look perfect if i add one or two kilos,i want you to hear more than my soft

Honestly,am tired of being loved for how i look,dress,speak or walk..tired of the compliments i get about my outside.i want someone who will love me for what the normal eyes cant see,i want you to love my within more than how you adore my outside…look into my eyes and see my heart not my tears that you think your compliment wimagesill make them shed off.

then maybe,the rainbow will light up my world with colours,maybe the birds will continue from where they stopped in our music classes…and maybe just heart will soften and i can fall in love.


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1070005_10201497884068440_553764963_nThis poem goes out to the most beautiful girl in the world,who God gave me as a big sister….

RACHAEL IRERI is her name



I’ll always be here through thick and thin
You can come to me, I’ll listen
I’m your friend, I won’t push you away
When you need a hug, my arms are wide open
When you need to talk, I have an open ear
Your growing up and getting older
Know that I’m always here, I’m not going anywhere
Wherever you are, I’m there with you
You’re in my heart and my prayers1515006_238602402967312_733633714_nshaz
Just know I’m here, because I truly care
You’re my sister, you mean so much
Don’t want to see you hurt or cry
I’ll wipe the tears, I’ll get rid of your fears
Want to see you grow up and achieve
Just believe, have faith
You can do anything
You’re beautiful inside and out
You’re smart and very talented
You’re many things, but most all, you’re my sister
I believe in you and know that I’ll never stop loving you


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RabbitWell, I have never been a fun of pets, perhaps because I sneeze at the smell of fur, or may be its the mere imagination of ticks all over their body that disgust all my body senses or maybe itsCute-little-girl-with-a-bunny-rabbit-001 because ave never had one…the last one sounds more valid. Should I mention all this were before I met bunny my dear rabbit…from my research on goggle I bet bunny was around 3 weeks old this is because she had fur, well opened eyes and was quite active.

How I met bunny is a long story but basically she ran from their compound and had been strolling at ours for the last two weeks, all this while ave been watching her from my bedroom window and their was something about her that just made me really love her, well my sister also loved her a whole lot but not in the same way I did because being a carnivorous she saw Bunny in a stew kinda way…I cant blame her though because meat is the only thing that arouses her tastes buds.

So my love for bunny grew and I decided to catch her because my love for her was greater than all my reasons above. little-girl-holding-rabbit-by-bionicteaching-e1343607975813-001Catching bunny was a very challenging task but as obvious am equal to the challenge, and should I say I caged her in some hens coop and fed her with sweet potato Hdhut!Saimi Khan (11)-001leaves, carrots, cucumber, cabbages and even sacrificed half my banana for her. There is nothing that made me feel as loved as bunny licking my hands and even sensing when I got home, but Bunny was not mine and I had to find her owner….and she came for her….ooh!! the cry of my heart…..
PS…I named her bunny because my bff chose it over Chloe…..
Pss…and I believe my bff has the best taste ever…..
Psss….I miss you Bunny…..

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