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LOVE – 1

I knew exactly what Love looks like …in…….campus….even though I had not met Love yet, I would recognize him immediately he downloadshowed up in my room.

Love wore sagged sweat pants, Chris Brown caps, had Mohawk, a golden teeth and an American accent. Love played a bass guitar and knew all the chords to even my heartbeat. Love was a poet who could jiggle with words to make me a love poem, Love was an artist, he could use brushes and pencil to put me down on paper.

Love wasn’t afraid to ride the bus with me, he got me butterflies…and i knew i was searching the wrong classroom, the wrong cafeteria, Love had to be there, I was sure of that, if only i could find him…
Mens-Shirt-Tie-masculine-eleganceBut when Love finally showed up he wore official trousers, a well ironed shirt and a matching tie. He had short neat hair ,white teeth and no accent at all. Love knew nothing about guitar not even how many strings it had and love couldn’t write a paragraph leave alone a poem neither could he draw…Love hated the bus and killed caterpillars, they were no more butterflies…

Love became the reason I no longer feared darkness because he was my moon….He had a soft voice that 4428703-man-in-black-suite-hiding-back-red-rosedeclared all my senses extremely active, suddenly I could see the way he bit his lips; I could smell his scent, I could hear his heartbeat and I could taste my tears…but Love also cried…He cried when he laughed, it was like watching the rain when its sunny…Love chews too loud…

love will tell you, – you are beautifully;

when your sad, he’l say – You are beautiful;

When you smile He’ll whisper – You are beautiful; you-are-beautiful-i-whisper

When you just wake up – You are beautiful;

When you’ve just been crying  – You are beautiful;

When you don’t wanna hear it.. – You are beautiful;

When you don’t believe it; When no one else thinks so – Love still says  – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….

1_beautifulAnd love indeed means it because – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL


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Its too long before i blogged,i miss you,and you,ooh am not so sure about you,you bring chills to my fingers when i cant stop typing because words just flow..anyway,let them flow,let them flow behind them is a mastermind,who keeps them tucked in specialty,big expensive words all uttering this simple feeling within this simple girl..that’s pretty fortunately with my name shining all over it.

well,over my break ave learnt  a lot,like my voice is not too sweet to make a snake surface up yet its sure ‘baba watoto’ is waiting so close with a machete ready to prove to it that this is no longer Eden where it could fool his wife with that fresh apple because ‘GMO’ looks better[if you know what i mean]

Ave also learnt that my eyes can imagescommunicate like the eyes of a lover,saying endless and invisible feelings,of my undying love,too bad you hardly look at my eyes.

Ave learnt that nothing makes me happier than watching the sun rise with the flaming passion of volcanic orange,another day that the lord has given me,makes me smile with deep sensational love,and i get lost in my own world of solitude,loneliness,this world that my heart writes about,pouring words beyond itself,yet i can barely capture what the words mean myself,because all i see images,hear,taste,smell and touch is you.

The song from the birds that watch my warm tears hit the ground every morning  no longer make me smile,because all i do is stare at the stars hoping you are different,hoping that deep within you have eyes that can see beyond the physical,i want you to see more than this pretty face,more than this incredible cheekbone,full lips and exotic thick eye lashed eyes.More than my incredible soft skin or my swan-like neck that you think could make a model career,more than my long  curly hair that dances at the rhythm of the wind..Please look beyond the perfect twins that your eyes cant resist staring at,more than this body you think would look perfect if i add one or two kilos,i want you to hear more than my soft

Honestly,am tired of being loved for how i look,dress,speak or walk..tired of the compliments i get about my outside.i want someone who will love me for what the normal eyes cant see,i want you to love my within more than how you adore my outside…look into my eyes and see my heart not my tears that you think your compliment wimagesill make them shed off.

then maybe,the rainbow will light up my world with colours,maybe the birds will continue from where they stopped in our music classes…and maybe just heart will soften and i can fall in love.


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1070005_10201497884068440_553764963_nThis poem goes out to the most beautiful girl in the world,who God gave me as a big sister….

RACHAEL IRERI is her name



I’ll always be here through thick and thin
You can come to me, I’ll listen
I’m your friend, I won’t push you away
When you need a hug, my arms are wide open
When you need to talk, I have an open ear
Your growing up and getting older
Know that I’m always here, I’m not going anywhere
Wherever you are, I’m there with you
You’re in my heart and my prayers1515006_238602402967312_733633714_nshaz
Just know I’m here, because I truly care
You’re my sister, you mean so much
Don’t want to see you hurt or cry
I’ll wipe the tears, I’ll get rid of your fears
Want to see you grow up and achieve
Just believe, have faith
You can do anything
You’re beautiful inside and out
You’re smart and very talented
You’re many things, but most all, you’re my sister
I believe in you and know that I’ll never stop loving you


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Cuppiecake,here i am.I know you didn’t expect to see this here;but now that you went scrolling ;you’ve hit a goldmine.I’m doing this ages before i say “I DO’ i love you, and you are snooping because you love me too and ooh you care.Like every human being i have expectations,do you?I dreamt of prince charming just like any other girl who read Romio and Juliet.Is this getting weird?You’re my prince charming or the closest i could ever get to that.

Before you say or said[depending on when you are reading this]i do…

if you are reading this piece right now before we are together then put a smile on your face because i am in the process of giving you clues;but if we are together please stop reading before you realize you did everything wrong.I love you anyway ;don’t get ulcers,u cannot redo any of this.

1.Proposal;who oimagesn earth proposes while standing?are you singing the national anthem?seated?Ive had enough lectures in campus.Go on one knee like a modest 21st century gentleman.Don’t make it two knees please,remember you are not praying.ooh did i forget to tell you,”honeyplumb i hate red flowers please consider white ones.Mmmmh and don’t propose via text i’l not see it,my S5 chooses what message to deliver and which ones to put in the spam.

2.House;I love houses,i really do my love,BUT I’d like to be in the plan,landscape,location,everywhere from design to the physical attributes.Please wait for me ‘tujenge na wewe’ i know you want to be independent,stable and settled before we get married,but honey there are banks where you can put the money for the house and wait and we can build it together right after our honeymoon.I’d be glad to top it up.Yaahh we both know i love colors but i don’t want my house to have green seats,red carpet,yellow curtains and blue walls…colors achia rainbow[no offense naturally guys are color blind]

3.My nature;I know am stubborn…not annoyingly stubborn but lovingly stubborn[don’t blame me i take after both my parents],so please be ready for some drama like pretending am dead asleep on the coach so that you can carry me to bed,and when we get to bed i laugh at you for being so sweet,or hiding the keys to the wardrobe when i don’t want you to goimagesimages to job…I can do that and many more so please be ready for me.You have to have a big heart to stand all my faded jokes.[don’t say you were not told]

4.Pregnant;Champ,honestly i love kids and i really want to be pregnant,to feel my dozen kids kicking in my belly and to get an opportunity to disturb you a little[it gives me joy]…i have it all well planned,how ill call your  office mobile when i miss you and whine like the kid is coming the next second,and no doubt you’ll come home hurriedly only to find me at the door holding a teddy bear on my hands and tell you ‘honey we just got a baby teddy,what do we call her?’i hope you wont get angry its not my fault that i missed you?is it? and as a matter of fact, dint i just ensure you got a free day off?ooh and let me tell you,ill be having lots of weird cravings in the night and wake you up to tell you how bad am craving for ‘mutura’ and how much i should eat it immediately…hehe…this is gonna be so fun.

5.Kids;Prince charimagesming,I’d like to stay home and raise my kids myself to take videos of how they cry or laugh,to hear them pronounce their first words,to take pictures of their toes and nails,to comb their hair and dress them up,to sew clothes for them and teach them how to pray,to blog all day long of how adorable my kids are..I want to be there every minute of their lives,so please honey lets work hard before we have kids because i plan to quit my job as soon as my first kid is born and resume only when  they join school,please please do not deny me this satisfaction

6.Hobbies;I just pray that you don’t watch football because am not ready to share you with a game and as a matter of fact i hope we will not have a T.V in our house for the sake of ensuring our kids have better hobbies than watching football or the so called soap operas, id rather they have hobbies like reading,drawing and playing violinimages.No offense to footballers but i have a comprehensive definition of football [twenty two idle men chasing dead skin] but considering the footballers earn millions from the game i changed my definition to talk about the fans [a bunch of idle people watching people make money while they get broke]..that’s just my opinion whats up with that facial expression?

7.The little things;Cherry ill show interest to all that you do no matter how boring it will be,if you enjoy playing PS ill even cheer you on so please do the same,show intrest in things i do,read mimagesy blog,watch me play guitar,be there to celebrate my achievements and offer a shoulder to cry on when i fail.Pray with me when i pray,surprise me with breakfast in bed,flowers in my office[not only on valentines],open the door for me and NEVER EVER forget my birthday or our anniversary.Honestly i don’t value the big things as much as the little small things,be sure I’ll do much more for you.


PS;i hope you consider these before asking whether I’ll marry you ,and if i already said yes i hope you stopped when i asked you to,and if not please consider point number 7



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I want to run,run and run…till am so far from the world,where I can scream and cry as much as I want with no question or comment directed my way,where I can laugh at myself for all my foolishness,clap for myself for all my successes.some place ill not have you, someplace I can write on my diaryimages till there no more pages and throw the diary in the water fall hoping that no human being will find it, perhaps hoping God will take and read it through and grant me the one thing I’ve been praying for day and night if not everything I’ve written there…I want to cry my tears out without my mum comforting me,I want to watch the river flow and make a song with its tune,I want to look at the sun rise and see it set with its voluminous flaming orangeimagesimages,I want to take selfies and update on my own social site where I have no followers or stalkers.i want to sleep on the hay watching the stars and fantasizing as the moon reflects its romance on my face.I want to be rained on till my tears don’t make no sense…I want to make fire with stones and sticks and eat squirrels for supper,I want to be scared by the lions till I fall asleep ,I want to eat wild fruits for my breakfast and take a shower in the river.i want to be away from this cars that hoot in unison spoiling my eardrums, away from this polluted area,I want to breath in fresh air not from air wick but from nature itself.i want to be alone,to sing with the birds and run after butterflies.i want to admire ladybirds and ask the grasshoppers who is the fairest of them all,I want to pray till Jesus talks to me personally and not using angel Gabriel.i want to walk barefoot till my feet can take it no more. I want to throw stones in the oceanimages,I want to ride horses till i can ride no more ,i want to be alone,please leave me alone.i want to disappear where there no mirrors on the streets that make me so nervous when I notice my hair is untidy,I want to release my hair to speak the language of the wind,to move left and right with no pattern. I want to be intertwined with nature itself…i want a break from everyone from everything…I want to forget am a students and use my books to make kites,I want …I want…I want.. I want to be loved…imagesI WANT,I NEED A VACATION.


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